Basic Service Includes:

Payroll Checks preparation (paychecks drawn on your bank account for your signature)

Payroll Registers and a Tax Liability Report

Payroll Worksheet for your next payroll

Filing (& payment) of all Quarterly and Year-end payroll tax forms

W2s & W3 (filed electronically & paper copy)

Adding or Changing employee data

Checks printed on payroll check stock

First Class Postage

Web Posting

Direct Deposit and EFTPS

Available Add-ons:

Courier/Overnight delivery

Mailing checks to employees

Mailing W2s to employees

Taxes paid with each payroll

New Hire report filed with DSHS

Transmittal checks

Vacation / Sick accruals & report

Payments to subcontractors and 1099s


Setup charge:

Setup charge for entering current year’s prior payroll (pro-rated based on # of months & employees)