Why Use Us?

Our payroll is easy on the employer’s stress level!

Having to deal with employees can be challenging. Having to deal with the extra paperwork that being an employer brings, can be a real headache. Try our brand of payroll relief and get rid of those payroll headaches!


Our payroll is easy on the employer’s schedule!

We realize that your time is one of your more important commodities. Our package requires a minimal amount of your time to gather and transmit employee hours to us via a short phone call, fax, or email each period. We do the rest.


Our payroll is easy on the employer’s wallet!

In an effort to hold down costs and make our services affordable for any size company, we offer a complete service that gives you the essentials necessary to produce a payroll and take care of appropriate taxes. You then have the option of selecting from a list of “add-ons” to make a more comprehensive package.